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Saltwater Records: TLP5987

Big Game Salt Water Records: TLP 6030

Striper TLP 6526

Dolphin TLP 6570

Blue Marlin
TLP 7355

Channel Catfish
TLP 7349
Catfish- 9716

Walleye TLP 7347

Smallmouth Bass TLP 7348

Rainbow Trout TLP7350

Brown Trout TLP 7585

Trout Cut-Up TLP 6523

Twilight Muskie TLP 3653

Going for a Spin TLJ 3947

Walleye TLP 7347

Smallmouth Bass TLP 7348

Rainbow Trout TLP7350

Brown Trout TLP 7585

Trout Cut-Up TLP 6523

Twilight Muskie TLP 3653

Going for a Spin TLJ 3947

Brooke Trout

Snook II TLP 7552

Walleye I TLP 3654

Morning Trophy TLP 6485

Black Crappies TLP 6498

Rainbow Morning TLP 3651

Man is judged by the size of his fish TLP 6466

Size Does Matter, UL 3646

Trout Background TLP 7354

Haul Bass TLP683

Bass Man LTP 681

Largemouth Bass Combo UL 2794

Walley Combo UL 2796

Swim Meet ULX 8353

Brown Trout Combo UL 2798

Rainbow Trout Combo UL 2801

Seeing Red ULX 8425
Dolphin Play tlp9372 hree Dolphins TLP 3798

Coral Dophins TLP 3872

Dolphins Beyond LTP 839*

Two Manatees TLP 4677

Dolphin Dudes TLP 6040

Rhythm of Life II TLP 8140
Dolphin Love tlp8257 Sunrise Jump ULX8187 The Gathering LTP7521 Happy Talk TLP4678

Here come the Clowns ULX 8229

Largemouth Bass/ Rainbow Trout TLP 5994

Green Turtles TLP 4505

Sea Turtles ULP 3501

Wish you were here Shark LTP 7991

Bass, the other Sun fish TLP 212

Fresh Water Records; TLP 5638

The Lure of flyfishing TLP 7358

The Lure of Panfishing TLP 7357

The Lure of Bassfishing TLP 7359
I am an Athlest 9876 Get Real Crappie 9488 Crappie 11276 Crappie Wild Outdoors 6334
Get Real Go fish Crappie 9488 Crappie fever 11459 Reel-ativity 10741 Short and Fat 10826 Keep your mouth shut 115614 Fish Fever 10086 Fishing Goddess 10749
Chew on this! 7235 Reel-tirement Plan 10743 Get Reel-Bass 9489 Bass 11163 Bass Catch 11457 Large Mouth Bass 6413 Large Mouth Bass 7567
Mad About Fishing 11447 Fisherman by Choice 11815

American Heritage 9639 Southern Heritage 10542 Fishing 11458 Fish or Cut Bait 9103 Wild Outdoors 6339
Wild Outdoors Trout 6338 Wild Outdoors Rainbow Trout 6325 Catfish- 9716

Mad about Fishing catfish 11448 Wanted Trout: 7004 Wanted Bass: 6995 Wanted Walleye: 9181
Natural Wonders 6331 Southern Traditon Catfish 11270 Stiped Bass 6726 Large Mouth Bass 11303 Old Dixie 10592 Southern Heritage Catfish 9724 Rainbow Trout scene 9720
Nothing Butt Fishing 11763

Rainbow Trout 4811 Bass 2633 Redfish 11253 Northern Pike History 11313 Pike/muskie 11101 Muskie History: 11304
Rainbow Trout History 11306
Get Reel Walleye 9486

Walleye 6092 Walleye 11162 Walleye History 11305 Walleye Scene 9721 Nothing Butt: Marlin 9872

My Rod, You Reel: 09273E5 Old Fisherman 6029A4

Yellow Fin Tuna History 11434 Tuna 11103 Salt water jump: 11252 Wahoo 4936 Marlin History 11301
Marlin flight 4519 Marlin 11160 Marlin Lighting Strikes 10062 Marlin Scene 9717

Humpback Whales 09547C4 Dolphin Falls: 04501A2 Blue Dolphin History 11433
Anglers Club Shark 7365 Big White 10885 White Death 6640

Shark 11164 Wild Predator 9737

Once Bitten 11444 First Strick Walleye 10201HL2
First Stike Crappie; 10202HL2 First Strike Large mouth: 10198HL First Stike Small Mouth: 10199HL2 First Strike Northern Pike: 10200HL2 Reel Wear Red: 10193HD9 Reel Wear Blue: 10194HD9 Sharing Space Orca 10145HD2

Ocean Treasures 10143HD3 Buff Off 10126HD2 Taking the Rap 10125HD2 Mangrove Monster 10124HD2 Swim Meet 10123HD2 Rock Star 10116HD2 Working undercover 10122HD2
Hog and Log 10119HD2 Gold Diggers 10118HD2 Brownsville 10117HD2 Dolphin Frenzy: 10087HD2 Muski 10080hd3 Ice Fishing: 09110d2


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