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Click to enlargeKeep your Little ones Warm this Winter<BR> with one of our soft and cozy YOUTH FLEECE SWEAT SHIRTS!

Soft and Cozy IVORY 50/50 Fleece Sweatshirt NOW available in Youth sizes. Let the Kids show off their Favorite Dog Breed. Sizes S (6-8), M (10-12) L (14-16).



Please note Breed Code for Ordering

Afghan - FT311
Afghan TLP6252
Afghan Head UL700
Afghan TLP6099
Airedale - FT303
Airedale Head UL706
Airedalte TLP6100
Akita - FT341
Akita TLP6101
Alaskan Malamute UL702
Alaskan Malamute FT346
Alaskan Malamute TLP6102
American Bull Dog--FT431
American Pit Bull Terrier - FT366
American Pit Bull 6879
American Staffordshire - FT363
Australian Cattle Dog - FT402
Australian Cattle Dog TLP6104
Australian Cattle Dog--5705
Australian Shepherd - FT348
Australian Shepherd UL701
Australian Shepherd TLP6105
American Eskimo TLP6103
Australian Terrier TLP6189
Basenji - FT371
Basenji UL708
Basenji TLP6106
Basset Hound - FT322
Basset Head UL705
Basset Hound D0024
Basset Hound--5908
Basset w/ Kittens TLP3241
Basset Hound TLP6107
Basset Hound TLP6253
Beagle- FT325
Beagle D0009
Beagle Head UL707
Beagle Puppy TLP3210
Beagles 10774
Beagle TLP6108
Bearded Collie FT372
Bearded Collie Head UL710
Bearded Collie TLP6109
Bearded Collies TLP6255
Belgian Malinois - FT390
Belgian Sheepdog FT 385
Belgian Tervuren - FT373
Bernese Mountain Dog - FT370
Bernese Mt. Dog D0026
Bernese Mt. Dog TLP6111
Bernese Mt. Dog Head UL711
Bernese Mountain Dog--6406
Bichon Frise - FT335
Bichon Head UL704
Bichon D0019
Bichon Frise TLP6110
Bloodhound - FT374
Blue Tick Coon Hound TLP6324
Blue Heeler D0025
Border Collie - FT376
Border Collie D0010
Border Collie TLP6256
Border Collile UL3293
Border Collie UL724
Border Collie UL730
Border Collie TLP6112
Border Collie--6880
Border Terrier TLP6257
Borzoi - FT377
Borzoi TLP6190
Boston-black - FT307
Boston Terrier--6323
Boston D0011
Boston Head UL731
Boston Terrier TLP6113
Bouvier Des Flandres - FT367
Bouvier Head UL714
Bouvier TLP6114
Boxer D0001

Boxer Bones 10806
Boxer - FT301
Boxer Brindle UL732
Boxers 10784
Boxer TLP6115
Boxer TLP6116
Boxer-uncropped - FT404
Boxer Head Uncropped UL742
Boxer TLP3207
Brittany - FT333
Brittany Head UL717
Brittany TLP6117
Brussels Griffon--5861
Bulldog 6321
Bulldog FT332
Bulldog Head UL735
Bulldog TLP6118
Bulldog D0012
Bulldog w/ Kitten TLP3237
Bull Mastiff - FT350
BullMastiff TLP6191
Bull Terrier - brindle - FT378
Bull Terrier TLP3202
Bull Terrier Head UL716
Bull Terrier TLP6119
Bull Terrier - white - FT368
Cairn Terrier - FT353
Cairn Terrier TLP3205
Cavalier King D0034
Cairn Terrier Head UL737
Cairn Terrier TLP6120
Cavalier King Charles--5864
Cavalier King Charles 5864
Cavalier King UL728
Cavalier King TLP3209
Cavalier King TLP6192
Chesapeake Bay - FT352
Chihuahua D0018
Chihuahua - FT315
Chihuahua, black--FT439
Chihuahuas 10782
Chihuahua Head UL736
Chihuahua TLP6121
Chinese Crested - FT379
Chow Chow - FT316
Chow Head UL712
Chow TLP6123
Chow Chow--6402
Clumber Spaniel - FT403
Cocker Spaniels 10775
Cocker - Black FT321
Cocker - Buff  FT329
Cocker Spaniel--5860
Cocker Spaniel--Party 5721
Cocker Head Buff UL709
Cocker Buff TLP6122
Cocker Buff & Parti UL726
Cockers TLP3203
Cocker Puppy Buff TLP3211
Cocker Puppy & Kittens TLP3236
Cockerpoo - FT361
Collie - FT320
Collie UL718
Collie TLY3229
Collie TLP6124
Collie--Smooth 5872
Coonhound--Blk & Tan 6878
Dachshund - FT337
Dachshund-black - FT413
Dachshund--longhair 6877
Dachshund--blk & tan 5716
Dachshund--Wire hair 5720
Dachshund Red Head UL734
Dachshund Black UL739
Dachshund Puppies TLY3212
Dachshund Red Long TLP6127
Dachshund Black Short TLP6126
Dachshund Combo TLP3206
Dachshund Head Black/tan D0013

Dalmatian D0035
Dalmatian FT314
Dalmatian Head UL 758
Dalmatian TLP6128
Doberman Pinscher-black FT380
Doberman red - FT304
Doberman Red D0023
Doberman Cropped UL756
Doberman Uncropped UL 755
Doberman TLP3214
Doberman TLP6125
Doberman Pinscher-uncrpd- FT406
English Cocker TLP6193
English Setter - FT381
English Setter TLP3215
Ehglish Setter Head UL759
English Setter TLP6129
English Toy Spaniel 5869
Flat Coated Retriever-FT434
Flat Coated Retriever TLP6131
Fox Terrier Wire-- FT358
Fox Terrier Smooth - FT397
Fox Terrier Wire Head UL791
Fox Terrier Smooth TLP6277
Fox Terrier Wire TLP6283
Fox Terrier Wire TLP6205
French Bulldog - FT382
German Shepherd D0022
German Shepherd Bones 10808
German Shepherd - FT313
German Shepherd White--FT430
German Shepherd Black-FT432
Three Shepherd Heads--FT433
German Shepherd Two Heads UL721
German Shepherd Head UL779
German Shepherd Generations TLP6310
German Shepherd TLP3217
German Shepherd TLP5095
German Shepherd TLP6133
German Shepherds 10777
German Shepherd--5722
German Shorthair - FT342
German Shorthair D0002
German Shorthaired Pointers TLP6304
German Shorthair Head UL787
German Shorthaired Pointer TLP6132
German Wire Hair TLP6302
German Wire-hair Pointer - FT400

Giant Schnauzer - FT383
Golden Retriever - FT317
Golden Retriever--5865
Golden Retriever Pups--5703
Golden Head D0014
Golden Legacy TLP6303
Golden Retrievers TLP5148
Golden Retrievers TLP6134
Golden Retriever TLP3218
Golden Head UL780
Two Golden Heads UL720
Gordon Setter - FT384
Great Dane Head UL770
Great Dane - FT340
Great Dane D0017
Great Dane Uncropped D0017
Great Dane-uncropped - FT407
Great Danes FT427
Great Dane-Harlequin--5867
Great Pyrenees - FT302
Great Pyreness Head UL738
Greater Swiss Mt. Dog TLP6137
Great Pyrenees TLP6136
Greyhound - FT386
Greyhound DOO15
Greyhound Brindle D0028
Greyhound TLP6138
Greyhound UL768
Groendael - FT385
Havenese D0029
Irish Setter - FT360
Irish Setters TLP3220
Irish Setter Head UL774
Irish Setters Gaelic Pride TLP6313
Irish Setters TLP5146
Irish Terrier--5866
Irish Wolfhound - FT388
Irish Wolfhound TLP6194
Italian Greyhound - FT387
Italian Grey Hound TLP6139
Jack Russell Terrier - FT300

Jack Russell--6404
Jack Russell Two Heads UL722
Jack Russell TLP3221
Jack Russell Head UL751
Jack Russell TLP5147
Japanese Chin FT389
Keeshound - FT347
Keeshond Head UL744
Keeshond TLP6142
Kerry Blue Terrier--5868
Kerry Blue TLP6143
Labrador-black - FT331
Black Lab Head D0004
Black Lab Head UL781
Two Black Lab Heads TLP6314
Black Labs TLP3200
Black & Yellow Lab Heads UL723
Labrador-chocolate - FT330
Chocolate Lab Head D0005
Chocolate Lab Head UL784
Lab Bones 10809
Labradors 10776
Yellow Lab Head D0003
Yellow Labs TLP3223
Yellow Lab Head UL748
Yellow Lab Profile Head UL795
Labrador Pups--5863
Lab Puppies TLP5097
Lab Combo Heads TLP5096
Labs Hunting Dogs TLJ5221
Labs Hunting 5711
Lab Puppies Resting TLP3222
Labrador-yellow - FT308
Yellow Labs TLP6311
Black and Chocolate Lab Heads TLP6316
Leonberger FT428
Lhasa Apso - FT312
Lhasa Apso--6876
Lhasa Apso Head UL773
Lhasa Apso TLP6147
Maltese - FT319
Maltese TLP6148
Maltese Head UL746
Manchester Terrier - FT416
Mastiff - FT350
Mastiff Head UL747
Miniature Pinscher - FT336
Miniature Pinscher--6322
Neapolitan Mastiff-5870
Newfoundland -FT364
Newfoundland Head UL749
Norwegian Elkhound - FT359
Norweigan Elkhound TLP6151
Old English Sheepdog - FT369
Old English Sheepdogs Group TLP3224
Old English Head UL750
Old English Body TLP6152

Papillon - FT356
Papillion D0030
Papillon Head UL743
Papillon TLP6153
Pekingese -FT309
Pekingese TLP6268
Pekingese Head UL772
Pekingese TLP6154
Pembroke Welsh Corgi - FT344
Pettis Basset Griffon Vendeen - FT391
Pit Bull--Brindle--6879
Pointers TLP3225
Pointer TLP6269
Pointer Head JTP6236Pomeranian -FT328
Pomeranian Head D0006
Pomeranian TLP6157
Pomeranian Head UL776
Pomeranians TLP6270
Poodle Pupies TLY3226
Poodle-apricot - FT323
Poodle Honey UL794
Poodle White Head D0007
Poodle Head UL782
Poodle-black--FT442  -- NEW
Poodle Group TLP3227
Poodles TLP6271
Portuguese Water Dog - FT392
Pug - FT334
Pug Head D0008
Pugs 10781
Pug TLP6156
Pug Head UL796
Pugs TLP6272
Pug, Black--FT436
Pug Bones 10811
Pug--blk & tan--6320
Rat Terriers TLP6306
Rhodesian Ridgeback - FT393
Rhodesian Head UL789
Rottweilers TLP3228
Rottweiler Head UL783
Rottweiler Head D0016
Rottweiler Heads UL725
Rottweilers TLP6273
Rottwielers 10773
Rottweiler Bones 10807Rottweiler -FT310
Saint Bernard Head UL753
St. Bernard - FT343
Saluki - FT394
Saluki TLP6199
Samoyed -FT351
Samoyed Head UL752
Samoyed with ball--6319
Schipperke - FT395
Schnauzer - FT338
Schnauzer-standard uncrpd- FT405
Schnazuer TLP6200
Schnauzer Mini TLP6162
Schnauzer Head Cropped UL763
Schnauzer Head Uncropped UL775
Schnauzers TLP6274
Scottish Terrier - FT349
Scottish Terrier D0039
Scottish Terrier Head UL761
Scottish Terrier
Scottish Terriers TLP6275
Sealyham Terrier--5871
Shar-pei - FT318
Shar-Pei Puppy Head UL769
Shar-Pei TLP6164
Shetland Sheepdog - FT324
Sheltie D0037
Shetland Sheepdog TLP3230
Sheltie Head UL762
Shetland Sheepdogs TLP6318
Shetland Sheepdog TLP6165
Shiba Inu - FT396
Shih Tzu -FT326
Shih Tzu 10780
Shih Tzu--5714
Shih Tzu D0031
Shih Tzu TLP3231
Shih Tzu Head UL764
Siberian Husky--5914
Siberian Head UL766
Siberian Husky TLP6167
Siberian Husky - FT306
Siberian Huskies 10779
Siberian Husky Bones
Silky Terrier- FT357
Silky Terrier TLP6201
Soft-coated Wheaton Terrier - FT398
Soft Coated Wheaton D0032
Soft Coated Wheaten TLP6202
Springer Spaniel - FT305
Spinger Chew it TLP6315
Springer Head UL760
Springer Two Heads UL729
Springer Spaniel Faithfully TLP6312
Springer Lazy Days TLP5094
Springer TLP6130
Staffordshire Bull Terrier - FT365
Staffordshire Bull Head UL765
Staffordshire Bull Terriers TLP3232
English Staffordshire - FT362
Vizsla - FT355
Vizsla Head UL777
Weimaraner - FT345
Weimaraner D0038
Weimaraner Head UL767
Weimaraners TLP6280
Welsh Corgi--7205
Welsh Corgi D0021
Welsh Corgi Head UL740
Welsh Corgi TLP3233
Welsh Corgi TLP6172
Welsh Terrier TLP6204
Westie - FT339
West Highland Terrier--7206
West Highland Head UL 793
Westie D0039
Three Westies TLP3234
Westie Heads Two UL719
Westies Combo TLP5149
Westie TLP6173
Westies TLP6281
Whippet - FT399
Whippet TLP6282
Whippet Head UL771
Whippet TLP6174
Yorkshire Terrier - FT327
Yorkie D0020
Yorkie Bones 10810 Yorkshire Terriers 10783 >
Yorkshire Terrier TLP6175
Three Yorkies TLP3235
Yorkie Head UL785
Yorkie Two Heads UL727
Yorkshire Terrier--5707

Noah's Bark-FT429

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