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For those who insist on the best, we have the ultimate license plate frame. Don't settle for plain, drive in style with this special license plate holder. Made from sturdy chrome metal, they fit most cars and trucks in the USA. Each license plate cover measures approximately 6 x 12 inches.

African Gray Parrot Alligator Alpaca Anteater Appaloosa Horse Arabian Horse

Armadillo Badger Bass Bat Beaver Bee Beetle Big Horn Sheep Bird

Black Bear Blue Jay Bluebird Bluegill Bobcat Brown Bear Buckskin Horse

Budgie Buffalo Bug Butterfly Camel Cardinal Catfish Cedar Waxwing

Chameleon Cheetah Chickadee Chicken Chimp Chipmunk Cockatiel

Cockatoo Condor Cougar Cow Coyote Crab Crane Crappie Crawfish

Cricket Crow Deer Dinosaur Dolphin Donkey Dove Dragonfly Duck

Eagle Eel Elephant Elk Emu Falcon Ferret Finch Fish Flamingo

Fox Frog Gecko Geese Gerbil Giraffe Goat Goldfish Gorilla

Grizzly Bear Groundhog Guinea Pig Halibut Hamster Hawk Hedgehog

Heron Hippo Horned Toad Hummingbird Hyena Iguana Jaguar Jellyfish

Kangaroo Kingfisher Koala Koi Ladybug Lemur Leopard Lightning Bug Lion

Lizard Llama Lobster Loon Lovebird Macaw Manatee Marlin Meadowlark

Meerkat Mink Mockingbird Mole Monkey Moose Mouse Mule Muskie

Newt Nuthatch Octopus Opossum Orangutan Oriole Ostrich Owl Panda Bear

Panther Parakeet Parrot Peacock Pelican Penguin Pheasant Pig Pike

Piranha Polar Bear Porcupine Prairie Dog Puffin Quail Rabbit Raccoon

Rat Red Winged Blackbird Reptile Rhino River Otter Roadrunner Robin

Salamander Salmon Sand Dollar Sandpiper Scissor Tailed Flycatcher

Scorpion Sea Lion Sea Otter Sea Turtle Seagull Seahorse Seal

Shark Sheep Shell Shetland Pony Shrimp Skunk Snail Snake Sparrow

Spider Squirrel Starfish Steelhead Stingray Swan Tiger Toucan Trout

Turkey Turtle Walleye Walrus Warbler- Whale Wolf Woodpecker


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Wildlife License Plates

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